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Words could be either very powerful or so meaningless.

Sometimes words could change lives and other times they don’t have any effect

The key is choosing the right time to say the right words.

Some underestimate the power of words and how a simple word could be hurtful and how an even simpler word could make someone’s day.

The most powerful kind of words is the unspoken words, which are the actions you take without even saying a word. Those can move mountains and act as a proof to so many unsaid words.

Choose wisely, what you say could really matter.


Thoughts #6

Never Underestimate The Power Of Words

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Thoughts #4

For Love Is The Sweetest & Most Bitter Feeling In Life

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Thoughts #3

Privacy is becoming a privilege instead of a right
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Thoughts #2

Once a upon a time an optimist lived happily ever after

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life is too short

Are you always pressured to live a life that you never imagined to live? Are you doing things everyday that you don’t want to do? Do you have a crappy job? Do you support people who will never support you back ever? Do you drive a car that barely move?

Why are we always pressured?

We should live a life that we choose with circumstances that we create. We should love our daily routines and enjoy the company of the people surrounding us. We should think of what satisfies us not what satisfies others. We should not be forced to do anything that we don’t want to do.

Live a life that you would never regret and live each day as if it is your last. Never allow other people or situations drive you. Don’t waste your time or energy with people that will never lift you up and would put you down instead. Surround yourself with everything you are fond of. Choose a job that shows your skills and talents rather than one that would let you hate each and every day of your life. Be brave enough to join the conversation and say your opinion.

Live Happy & Healthy!


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“What’s meant to be will always find a way”

It’s my all-time favorite quote. We all pass by certain moments which make us ask ourselves why a certain situation happened but we usually don’t have an answer for that. I personally had lots of different experiences when sudden things change in my life without knowing the reason of that change. And then I just tell myself “What’s mean to be will always find a way” and that eventually what is destined is what’s going to happen. It’s all about the art of patience, how patient a person can be until things in his/her life are in order.

Some people think that as long as everything in their life is destined then they shouldn’t do anything about it, in my opinion this is WRONG! You should always work hard to reach what you really want and do your best to make it happen. I believe that not thinking too much about what’s happening and rather enjoying it is the key for a better lifestyle.


Promises are made to keep

Promises are made to keep but the real deal is that they never are. I personally hate promises more than anything in the world. A promise is a different kind of hope. Someone gives you a promise and you just act upon this promise. You adapt your life to this promise. You make sure that everything fits with this promise. And then suddenly the promise is not kept, and everything changes then. You become disappointed and regret the fact that you believed this promise and made it a law.

Promises keep you lingering to a certain thing or a person. Break free of any promises that have been made to you or you have been given to someone. Any promise will become a dream that you’ll be trying to catch. Have you heard of anyone who caught a dream? No! The only promise you have to keep is the one you give to yourself, the promise of being better, the promise of being more ambitious, the promise of developing yourself and many more. Don’t let any factors surrounding you not to keep your promise. Keeping these promises mean that you value yourself enough.

Don’t promise what you can’t afford to do and don’t take any promises for granted!

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t give up; don’t give up on your dream job, buying your favorite car or the love of your life. There are so many things that you shouldn’t give up on. Fight for what you really want and put all your energy in that fight. Do not let anything come in your way. Stay strong! Life is like a battle field where you learn from experiences and fight for what you really want whatever that is. You have to teach yourself to be a winner. Never lose a fight and don’t allow anyone or anything to put you down. If you want to push yourself to keep fighting just tell yourself how happy you’ll be become when you win this fight and get what you want and how sad you’d feel if you let go of the thing you wanted the most.

Hope will keep you going, passion will make you stronger and determination will make everything accomplishable. Let your heart lead you to what you really want and let your mind decide if it is good for you or not. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you on not to give up on the things you wish for. Those people are the ones who will remind you one day how it felt to reach what you’ve always wanted.

Giving up will only lead to regret.Don't Give Up