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Words could be either very powerful or so meaningless.

Sometimes words could change lives and other times they don’t have any effect

The key is choosing the right time to say the right words.

Some underestimate the power of words and how a simple word could be hurtful and how an even simpler word could make someone’s day.

The most powerful kind of words is the unspoken words, which are the actions you take without even saying a word. Those can move mountains and act as a proof to so many unsaid words.

Choose wisely, what you say could really matter.


Striving to be a cook

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shaken and Stirred.”

I’ve never been a really good cook, I barely cook. Sometimes I wish I can cook delicious meals and invite everyone I know so they can try out what I did but that’s just a wish!

The one time I was really proud of myself actually was when I tried making crepes. I felt like I’m the best cook that could ever exist. Although it is one of the easiest deserts to make and I actually followed steps that I found online including pictures and a how-to video so it couldn’t been any easier.

The best thing about cooking is the sense of accomplishment that someone gets when they cook something and it turns out to be very tasty. Besides peoples compliments would definitely give more confidence.crepe

(The picture is only a demonstration not what I actually did )

“What’s meant to be will always find a way”

It’s my all-time favorite quote. We all pass by certain moments which make us ask ourselves why a certain situation happened but we usually don’t have an answer for that. I personally had lots of different experiences when sudden things change in my life without knowing the reason of that change. And then I just tell myself “What’s mean to be will always find a way” and that eventually what is destined is what’s going to happen. It’s all about the art of patience, how patient a person can be until things in his/her life are in order.

Some people think that as long as everything in their life is destined then they shouldn’t do anything about it, in my opinion this is WRONG! You should always work hard to reach what you really want and do your best to make it happen. I believe that not thinking too much about what’s happening and rather enjoying it is the key for a better lifestyle.

No Time to Waste

Life is too short to be sad! Just let go of anything that drags you down. Don’t over think things and just look forward to having a happy & fun life. Enjoy the little things and the happy moments and you’ll never regret it. Try being optimistic about every step you take in your life and that would make it easier for you to realize that it could actually work. Help others be happy and be kind to everyone!

And don’t forget to SMILE =)


“The Daily Post-Daily Prompt”

No Time to Waste

Let It Be

My old life should’ve been left untouched. It was perfect for me even if it’s not perfect in the eyes of others. I had everything that I could ask for. My life had a simple routine that wasn’t boring. I was surrounded by people who really care and would be there for me whenever I need them to be.

My life was simple and perfect for me! It was my comfort zone that I wouldn’t have imagined of changing.

Everything changed one day all of sudden, everything I really cared for in my life was gone and I couldn’t get any back. I appreciate more what I had and trying to look for all the things that could comfort me in my new life but it has been a while now. And I am not sure if I will ever get what I had before ever again. Maybe I just have to adapt to everything new in my life (even if I don’t admire) maybe that is the only solution. Although in my dreams, I always see everything that I wish for, I wake up the next day to reality, to my new life and trying to convince myself that it might be a better one. Maybe!

Let It Be

The Fall

Transitioning from one season to another is not only a transition of the weather. Fall is when leaves start leaving the trees and the breeze gets colder. We always promise ourselves a new beginning with the beginning of the new season. Sometimes we leave behind warm memories of summer and try not to look back at it. It’s better to be looking forward to what’s ahead of us rather than looking behind and stumbling upon our memories.

We always have a favorite season. Some love the hot weather and the long walks on the beach in evenings in the summer. Others love the cold weather, the rainy and windy days. Each season has its own taste, each season is different!

Tell me your favorite season of the year …



Promises are made to keep

Promises are made to keep but the real deal is that they never are. I personally hate promises more than anything in the world. A promise is a different kind of hope. Someone gives you a promise and you just act upon this promise. You adapt your life to this promise. You make sure that everything fits with this promise. And then suddenly the promise is not kept, and everything changes then. You become disappointed and regret the fact that you believed this promise and made it a law.

Promises keep you lingering to a certain thing or a person. Break free of any promises that have been made to you or you have been given to someone. Any promise will become a dream that you’ll be trying to catch. Have you heard of anyone who caught a dream? No! The only promise you have to keep is the one you give to yourself, the promise of being better, the promise of being more ambitious, the promise of developing yourself and many more. Don’t let any factors surrounding you not to keep your promise. Keeping these promises mean that you value yourself enough.

Don’t promise what you can’t afford to do and don’t take any promises for granted!