In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Way.”



The Zone

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

Sometimes all I want to do is to get lost in a simple activity that makes me feel free of everything, free of stress, free of thinking and free of people around me. You owe yourself some quality time because that would definitely help you in recharging yourself to be able to face another tomorrow.
The one and only simple activity I prefer doing would definitely be listening to music. I feel alive, every single beat makes me more into music. A good song that has a good lyrics can make me forget about almost anything happening around me. Music makes me feel that the world could be a better place full of organized melody and soothing words. Music is “My Zone” !

The Mentor

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mentor Me.”

I have always thought of who would have been my mentor until i knew the answer, the only mentor I had was LIFE! It taught me so many things. Sometimes it makes me feel weak and then I realize that it actually made me become stronger than ever. Life taught me that people come and go, and life goes on. And that everything happens for a certain reason even if we don’t want to believe that. You get heart broken for a reason, you lose your job for a reason and you even know new people for a reason.

Life taught me to be spontaneous and at the same to think carefully when taking a decision concerning my life. My only mentor showed me that things change, people change and nothing stays the same ever, even me! It also taught me that the harder I fall the quicker I should stand up again. Life convinced me that you should never ever depend on someone and that the only person you should depend on is yourself. I am thankful that I managed to learn so many things although I am still in my mid twenties. So many lessons learned !


Words could be either very powerful or so meaningless.

Sometimes words could change lives and other times they don’t have any effect

The key is choosing the right time to say the right words.

Some underestimate the power of words and how a simple word could be hurtful and how an even simpler word could make someone’s day.

The most powerful kind of words is the unspoken words, which are the actions you take without even saying a word. Those can move mountains and act as a proof to so many unsaid words.

Choose wisely, what you say could really matter.

April Fools

The world fooled me. It made me think that it’s a better place

I gave it all my energy and spirit but all it gave me was pain and sorrow

I kept on trying to change how the world makes me feel

I said to myself that I have to be stronger than it.

It fooled me once but I won’t let the world fool me again

Thoughts #7

Positivity is an attitude and a lifestyle

K.G – Diamonds

Things eventually work out!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “But No Cigar.”

So many things in my life come this close to working out but eventually they don’t. At this very moment when this happens, I am overly frustrated but after I calm down and think clearly I realize that maybe it was for the best!

It was when I graduated and I was this close to work in a big advertising agency that I interned at before and everything was almost perfect until I moved out of the country to a totally new country. I had to start from scratch. I had to post my resumes all over the websites and starting looking for internships again. It took me a hell of a time to do that but eventually it worked out and I found a job.

The Beach

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.”

The beach never fail to show me the beauty of nature !

The Beach