You are free ..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “180 Degrees.”

So many things changed my views over the past couple of years but what changed them the most was travelling. Going to new and different places and meeting with people from different backgrounds and cultures changed me! It made me see things from a different perspective. It helped become a less judgemental person. I realized that everyone is so different and each one have the right to choose what they do, how they dress and even what they want to eat.


The more I meet new people the more fascinated I become with the fact that people coming from different backgrounds usually have different views. The way we were raised also plays an important role in how we shape our views. But when we grow up, we start deciding for ourselves and knowing if we are willing to change our views or not.


Its not wrong to change your views but it’s wrong to change your views and you are not convinced with them.




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