The Mentor

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mentor Me.”

I have always thought of who would have been my mentor until i knew the answer, the only mentor I had was LIFE! It taught me so many things. Sometimes it makes me feel weak and then I realize that it actually made me become stronger than ever. Life taught me that people come and go, and life goes on. And that everything happens for a certain reason even if we don’t want to believe that. You get heart broken for a reason, you lose your job for a reason and you even know new people for a reason.

Life taught me to be spontaneous and at the same to think carefully when taking a decision concerning my life. My only mentor showed me that things change, people change and nothing stays the same ever, even me! It also taught me that the harder I fall the quicker I should stand up again. Life convinced me that you should never ever depend on someone and that the only person you should depend on is yourself. I am thankful that I managed to learn so many things although I am still in my mid twenties. So many lessons learned !


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