Who is the judge?

I have met a lot of people in my life and the common characteristic between most of them was that they “Judge others” which I never knew why. Judging others is just a way of showing weakness and trying deviate people’s attention from your own and trying to point out other’s weaknesses.

People are becoming shallower and judging people on how they look, what they dress or even their daily habits. The perspective of analyzing people’s action and trying to judge a certain person according to any of the things they do is just totally wrong.

Judge no one but yourself! Push yourself to be a better person and concentrate on how you live your life and how you can make it even better. Make yourself proud. Don’t let other people’s actions distract you and get you off your track. Put all your energy in figuring out how to be satisfied with your life rather than concentrating on other’s lives

Judge no one but yourself


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