Let It Be

My old life should’ve been left untouched. It was perfect for me even if it’s not perfect in the eyes of others. I had everything that I could ask for. My life had a simple routine that wasn’t boring. I was surrounded by people who really care and would be there for me whenever I need them to be.

My life was simple and perfect for me! It was my comfort zone that I wouldn’t have imagined of changing.

Everything changed one day all of sudden, everything I really cared for in my life was gone and I couldn’t get any back. I appreciate more what I had and trying to look for all the things that could comfort me in my new life but it has been a while now. And I am not sure if I will ever get what I had before ever again. Maybe I just have to adapt to everything new in my life (even if I don’t admire) maybe that is the only solution. Although in my dreams, I always see everything that I wish for, I wake up the next day to reality, to my new life and trying to convince myself that it might be a better one. Maybe!

Let It Be


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