Promises are made to keep

Promises are made to keep but the real deal is that they never are. I personally hate promises more than anything in the world. A promise is a different kind of hope. Someone gives you a promise and you just act upon this promise. You adapt your life to this promise. You make sure that everything fits with this promise. And then suddenly the promise is not kept, and everything changes then. You become disappointed and regret the fact that you believed this promise and made it a law.

Promises keep you lingering to a certain thing or a person. Break free of any promises that have been made to you or you have been given to someone. Any promise will become a dream that you’ll be trying to catch. Have you heard of anyone who caught a dream? No! The only promise you have to keep is the one you give to yourself, the promise of being better, the promise of being more ambitious, the promise of developing yourself and many more. Don’t let any factors surrounding you not to keep your promise. Keeping these promises mean that you value yourself enough.

Don’t promise what you can’t afford to do and don’t take any promises for granted!


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