Source Of Happiness

Who wants to be happy? Definitely me!

Have ever wondered what can make you happy?

There is so many ways to make someone happy, some people become happier when having more “things” other are so happy when they have “Special People” in their life. Sometimes being happy is a feeling that is not usually depending on things or people, it’s a feeling that comes from within.

Here are some steps that I know can make most of us happy.

source of happines

Start with yourself: sit with yourself in a quiet place that you feel comfortable at and start thinking of what makes you genuinely happy.

Decisions: After knowing what exactly makes you happy, take decisions that would make you feel such happiness. Some decision could be that you want to grow in your job, or work on having a better fitness or even buying a new car. Whatever makes you happier, start doing it!

Depend on yourself: So many of us make a huge mistake by depending on others to make ourselves happy which is totally WRONG!! What if this person is not there anymore? Are you going to be sad and start then looking for ways to cheer yourself up? Never depend on someone to be your main source of happiness because he/she will never be around forever.

Positivity: Surrounding yourself with negativity is definitely the last thing you want if and when you are trying to be a happy person. Start looking for positive energy that you could gain from positive people around you or even positive activities that you could start doing. A very positive activity would be Yoga for example which teaches you to concentrate on yourself and connect to your inner self as well. There are so many other activities that could help with your positivity.

Free yourself: The more stress in your life the more you become unhappy. Learn to de-stress yourself. Don’t overload yourself with so many emotions or so much effort that you’d end up being overly stressed. Organize your personal and your social life so you can make sure you feel better about yourself. (Read more: Who doesn’t stress out?)


I hope each and every one of you would find their source of happiness!


5 thoughts on “Source Of Happiness

  1. These steps are so basic yet we tend to forget them! Great post I love the step depend on yourself because I have to habit to rely on others for my own happiness. Now I finally start to learn to take charge of my own happiness and it feels so awesome. Check out my blog where I just posted about happy stuff. 🙂

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